Temporary Pressurized Wall Solution for Home & Business

Room Dividers New York
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A Temporary Wall Solution for Home & Business.

Living in the New York City? Found an Apartment perfect to share or Office that is in need of a room divider? Look no further Wall System N.Y has the solution for you!

Wall System N.Y temporary pressurized wall divider company specializes in partitions that are created by a pressurized wall system method. A unique way to create another room with out lost of space.
Partitioning divider walls are assembled using a unique pressurized method, which ensures that the existing walls, ceilings and floors do not get damaged.

›› Our temporary wall divider have the look and appearance of an existing wall. The average room divider can be installed within a few hours, and removed with out leaving a trace or sign that the room was modified

›› This temporary wall system would allow roommates to share a (1) room apartment and each have their own room, and privacy. Whether for office needs, private homes creating nurseries and much more.

›› Wall Systems N.Y. products give you the ability to create additional rooms in variations of height and lengths of any wall. It would choose to fit in any area such as piers, columns, cornice, many other stationary obstacles that might get in the way and we can create in that environment any shaped walls.

›› If you're renting an apartment the room divider is leased, but if you own, the temporary pressurized wall can be leased or bought.

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