Temporary Pressurized Wall Solution for Home & Business

Standard noise reducing insulation can be installed in nearly all of our temporary room divider walls. Sound absorption is done by materials that either are blocked off from entering the room or absorbs the sound to contain it in an area. If you want the normal speech to be heard as a murmur, you will need a temporary wall with soundproofing.
Within your partition we offer the convenience of a clothing or storage closet with several configurations to suit your needs.
Wall partition
Easing financial restraints on living standards in the NYC area is part of our goal. Helping your business grow, Wall System N.Y. is here to assist you and make your goal come little easier. Our temporary pressurized wall system offers solutions for your needs.

Whether it’s a nursery, home office, walk-in closets and much more. Look through our gallery and we hope that you can find the partition that is right for you.

Instead of portable office divider that don’t give much privacy or a look of a real wall. We can provide our wall partition for a row of offices, conference room, receptionist countertop and waiting rooms.
Effectively there are two ways to finish the walls
1. Molding covers the seams between the drywall every 4-ft. This is method is the more budget conscious and is completed more quickly. These temporary room divider walls are very well recognized and well accepted through out all buildings in New York City.
2. We tape and patch all seams conventionally, although this takes longer (two days), it provides a smoother finish and look.
3. The temporary pressurized wall installed can be either be 3 ½” or 4 5/8” in thickness.

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